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Classes & Pricing

Here at Myndful Yoga Studio we offer a wide range of classes from Reformer Pilates, including Pre/Post Natal, Mat Yoga and Aerial Yoga.

We have Beginners levels for those wanting to start their fitness journey or who are returning to exercise, all the way up to Intermediate classes offering clients that next level challenge.


Gita Yoga

A gentle yoga practice focusing on physical postures, breathing exercises and relaxation, to help nurture your Body, Mind and Spirit. Every Gita Yoga class has all of these components as a natural part of its flow, leaving you to feel balanced and whole, totally rejuvenated and ready to face the busy, outside world once again.

All levels welcome


Hatha Yoga

A slow flow, gentle yoga practice that focuses on suppleness, healthy breathing and relaxation. This is done through a series of postures, breathing techniques and meditation that develop an awareness of body, mind and spirit. Every class is designed to transform the body and mind to create a peaceful harmony with your inner and outer world. 

All levels welcome

Class Prices:

Casual Class $20.00 - 5 x Class Pass $85.00 - 10 x Class Pass $150.00

AnitGravity Yoga

AntiGravity FUNdamentals

FUNdamentals is an introductory AntiGravity class suitable for Beginners and those wanting a gentle practice, but is accessible to all. Our FUNdamentals class will allow you to become familiar with the Antigravity Hammock and the new sensations of both inversions and flying, while building knowledge of foundational movements essential to progression in the Aerial Yoga practice.

This class provides a workout that allows you to stretch and strengthen without putting stress on your joints or compressing your vertebrae.

Most of all it is so fun you will forget you are even exercising!


AntiGravity Intermediate

Our Intermediate class is the next step in your flying journey. Each class will take you through more challenging postures and inversions, allowing you to experience new ways to work with this amazing apparatus.

Participants must have completed at least 3-5 FUNdamentals beginner classes and have been spoken to their teacher about moving up to the next level.

Class Prices:

Casual Class $25.00 - 5 x Class Pass $115.00 - 10 x Class Pass $220.00 - Monthly Pass (8 Classes) $160.00 -                                       Trial Pass (3 Classes) $45.00

Reformer Pilates

Reformer Basics

Our Reformer Basics class is perfect for Beginners, as you’ll experience a solid grounding in basic Pilates principles and fundamental exercises. Start to build strength, core control, flexibility and balance.

Suitable for people new to Reformer Pilates, commencing or returning to exercise (including post-natal). After a few of these classes you may want to take the next challenge and move into our Sculpt & Tone classes. Discuss these options with your instructor.

NB: Post-natal = 6 weeks after vaginal delivery and 12 weeks after C-section. 

Pilates classes are suitable for those in general good health and not suitable for pre and early post natal or if you suffer from serious illness, injury or are in early stage rehabilitation.


Reformer Sculpt & Tone

The next step in your Pilates journey. You'll experience a wider range of the Pilates repertoire, being challenged in areas such as balance, core strength, coordination and flexibility. A challenging, full body workout. Modifications and spring options will be offered to accommodate all levels for a fantastic whole-body workout. 

Suitable for those who have completed around 3 Beginners classes or with Reformer Pilates experience.



Reformer Intermediate

Once you've nailed Sculpt & Tone, you may be ready for our intermediate class. Incorporating the principles and exercises you've learned along your Sculpt and Toned journey, you'll have fun pushing the boundaries and challenging yourself with more complex movements and sequences.

Suitable for students who have a good level of fitness and strong understanding of the Pilates repertoire on the Reformer. Discuss your options with your teacher prior to booking into this class, as beginner options will not be offered.

Class Prices:

Casual Class $30.00 - 5 x Class Pass $135.00 - 10 x Class Pass $250.00 - Monthly Pass (8 Classes) $170.00 -                                   Monthly Pass (12 Classes) $215.00 - Trial Pass (2 Classes) $30.00

Pre / Post Natal


Pre/Post Natal classes are suitable for all stages of pregnancy and beyond.
A gentle, slower paced whole body workout with a focus on strengthening the pelvic floor, upper body strength and core stabilisation.
Prior to participating in class, you should discuss your intentions with your doctor to ensure there are no contraindications to participating.
Suitable for all stages of pregnancy, and/or 6 weeks post vaginal birth or 12 weeks post c section, with medical clearance in both instances.
Prior to participating in class, you should discuss your intentions with your doctor to ensure there are no contraindications to participating.
These are not clinical classes and are not suitable for complicated pregnancies, or for women who are past the first trimester and have never exercised before.

Class Pricing:

Casual Class $30.00 - 5 x Class Pass $135.00 - 10 x Class Pass $250.00 - Monthly Pass (8 Classes) $170.00 -                                      Trail Pass (2 Classes) $30.00

Kids Yoga

Kids Yoga

Kids Yoga is the perfect way for your child to start learning this ancient practice and implementing it into their everyday life, in a fun and supportive environment. 

Yoga has many wonderful benefits for kids, from fitness and flexibility, strength and balance, to improving concentration. Kids will be learning to manage stress and anxiety better, using tools that help them regulate their emotions and calm themselves down.

This class is designed for Primary School children aged between 5-12yrs and are ran in conjunction with School Terms.

Class Pricing:

Yearly Registration Fee $30.00 

Term 1 - 3 Week Program $36.00  

Term 2 - 10 Week Program $160.00